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How We Got Started 

For millions of our children, school is not a safe place. Every day over 100,000 kids don’t go to school because they are afraid of being bullied. Tragically, a studies have found that hundred suicides among young people each year are related to bullying.

There is an amazingly simple, game changing solution that decreases the impact of bullying on a kid’s self-worth and makes school a place kids want to be. Read More.

What Teachers, Parents, and Kids Say

“Your TAGs system was beneficial to both the students and teachers. The students completed the activity realizing all the greatness that is within them. The parent letter that you have created is powerful! It is a great tool for parents of “at risk” students especially since they are often focused on their negative behavior. Actually, it is an awesome tool for any parent and teachers as well. “
~ Natasha Douglas, Teacher, South Area Alternate Learning Center, Brevard Central Schools

“Your Parenting Workshop was powerful! Thank you Marty Ward for helping parents learn effective ways to communicate. I have taken other parenting courses and the new insights you gave into how to develop confident kids and the techniques you shared on how to get cooperation were by far the most powerful and effective I have ever heard. Every parent/teacher would benefit from working with you.”
~ Shannon Gronich, Founder Business Acceleration Summit

Free Resource

10 Tips to Create Confident Kids

Get ways to communicate so that kids will listen and to listen so kids will cooperate.

10 Tips to Create Confident Kids is a PDF download with videos to guide you to connect more easily and effectively with kids so that you get more time for you and more fun time with the kids.

What’s unique about these tips is that you have strategies that are simple and easy to implement to get more cooperation, build self-confidence, and have you feeling great about your parenting.

It will:

  • Encourage greater co-operation
  • Develop a more trusting, supportive relationship
  • Kids feel great about themselves