Success Coach Marty L. Ward

It is time to change our approach to eliminating bullying, because despite all our school regulations and “Anti-Bullying” and “Stop Bullying” campaigns, 4,400 students commit suicide each year ( and 160,0000 across America are absent every day ( due to fear of confronting the bully.

The Create Confident Kids to Eliminate Bullying Programs provide cutting-edge solutions with specific action steps for teachers, administrators, parents and students to take to eliminate bullying. Online and offline training and presentations are available for schools, parents, teachers, administrators, students, and community organizations.


Since we cannot stop the bully from saying or doing whatever they want to say or do in the moment no matter how we threaten, punish, or shame them, we need to prepare students for the rain of words and deeds of the bully. By teaching students to honor and value their Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs) and how to peacefully resolve conflict, their self-confidence improves. Both the bully and bullied know they are valuable exactly as they are. The result is that incidents of bullying decrease and children no longer choose suicide or to be absent out of fear of confronting the bully.


Systematically creating an “All for One and One for All” school climate, dramatically increases teaching time, encourages academic success, eliminates bullying, decreases discipline problems and increases school attendance. School climate impacts all achievement!

The 5 Step Create Confident Kids to Eliminate Bullying System™ provides actionable steps that can be implemented in the classroom so that teachers have effective ways to resolve conflict in the moment and to bolster the self-esteem of both the bully and the bullied. This saves the time and energy of the teacher, creates a safer learning environment and saves money for the school district.

Concepts like There is Nothing to Fix; Just More of You to Discover, encourage students to celebrate differences and become Confidence Boosters rather than Fault Finders. An atmosphere of “All for One and One for All” is established in each classroom and radiates out into the hallways and school community.

Teachers and administrators attend online and offline training that supports the development of the skills taught in the Create Confident Kids to Eliminate Bullying System™.

Results of the Create Confident Kids to Eliminate Bullying Programs:

  • Confident Kids
  • Greater Co-Operation at School & Home
  • Meaningful Friendships
  • Safer Schools and Playgrounds
  • Increase School Attendance


“Captain Marty is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of bullying and creating confident students. After doing an introductory presentation to the 65 students at my extended day program, I became as excited about her program as she was. We worked out a system so that she could present a six week Create Confident Kids to Eliminate Bullying Program.

Finding a dedicated, loving and supportive person for my children to talk to is a giant plus for me. As the Site Coordinator, I take much pride in my children and feel with this program they are developing many great coping skills that will last forever in them.

Marty is a treasure. I’m so honored to be able to work with her.

Thank you.” ~Barbara Lawson, Site Coordinator Bentley Elementary Extended Day Program, Seminole County Public Schools



Parents can participate in online and offline training through workshops, videos, books and CDs. The Create Confident Kids Parenting Program™ provides practical step by step actions to take to turn conflict and lack of cooperation by children into opportunities to develop closer, more connected relationships with your children and a more peaceful atmosphere where children take responsibility for themselves. By effectively resolving conflict and using new strategies, children develop self-esteem, greater self-respect, problem solving skills, and confidence.


Marty, through our work together not only I am I able to feel more confident about who I am, but also, my relationship with the ones I love has become much more nurturing and supportive.

I honestly never realized how guarded I was, how much work it was and how much I was missing out on.

The other night, my daughter’s best friend slept over.  I hugged my daughter good night and then I gave her best friend a hug. She had a big smile on her face and said, “Mamma Shelley,you don’t hug, what happened?  I said I do now.  She said,“ Oh I love the new Momma Shelley even more…  Wow. Thank you Marty for helping me open my heart to be able to give love and Except love!“ ~Shelly Hood, Arbonne Representative

The Mission of the Create Confident Kids Movement

To shift the world’s approach that focuses on punishing the bully to an approach that focuses on Creating Confident Kids. To provide actionable solutions to end childhood suicide and absenteeism due to fear of confronting the bully. To provide action steps for schools, parents and community leaders to eliminate bullying and to create confident kids.

All children and adults will know how to honor and value their Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs) and how to manage their emotions so that they feel confident and secure about who they are and their ability to solve conflict in a win/win for all.


Within 5 years to decrease bullying 27% in Brevard County Florida. Create Confident Kids To Eliminate Bullying System™ will be established as the model statewide with in 5 yrs. Within 8 years, the Create Confident Kids to Eliminate Bullying System will be established nationwide to solve the problems of childhood suicide and absenteeism due to fear of confronting the bully.

As a trend setter, the Create Confident Kids to Eliminate Bullying Movement is blazing the trail by focusing on what we want – Confident Kids VS don’t want – bullying. The innovative programs and materials will raise the emotional intelligence of students so that they have the tools they need to manage their emotions in the moment, make healthy choices, and feel confident and assured in who they are. Adults are guided to Take the Pledge to be a Student Encourager™ . They will TAG Kids for Success™ by describing them using their TAGs each day as a way to honor and value each child’s natural Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs). Both students and adults develop greater emotional intelligence so that they can achieve improved results academically and professionally as they develop effective coping and leadership skills.


Do you have a TEEN who would like to start a Power Within Club at their school? The Movement is growing. Get your Teen involved in leadership training, helping others and building their self-esteem as they create an “All for One and One for All “ atmosphere at school. Contact Marty!

From the moment I heard Marty speak about your idea for the Power Within Club, I knew it could make a positive influence in the world. 

I truly believe this club has the power to transform kids from bullies into the leaders they are meant to be, and this club also has the power to surface the confidence within every human, young and old alike. I wanted to be part of that change in the world. That’s why I support this movement, and will continue to support it.” ~ Kaci Courtright, Member of California Power Within Club